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When dealing with crowd management, our mission is simple. We want to give event organizers the peace of mind they need to optimize their guest's experience without compromising their safety or the state of critical assets.

Components of Event Control Include:

  • Risk, Threat, and Vulnerability Assessments

  • Strategizing and Planning

  • Necessary Technological & Manpower Measures to Deter, Prevent, and React to Disruptions, Assaults, and Emergency Situations

All of our Event Control Guards are fully bonded, insured, and proven authorities offering exceptional knowledge within each nuance of the profession.


Whether for personal protection, Government officials, VIPs, or business executives, we offer superior armed and unarmed expertise that you can trust for peace of mind.

We train our security guards to protect and accompany you throughout daily activities 24 Hours a day, including holidays and weekends

We provide everything one could need for personal security underneath one roof.




We develop a uniquely tailored security plan in which our Security Officers assure the rules governing public parking lots are followed to help eliminate any hassles for your business.

Our guards are able to handle any risky situations associated with parking garages, structures, and lots — including working access gates that grant and deny access to vehicles.

The presence of Security Officers will cause criminals to think twice before breaking into cars, vandalizing them or committing other crimes against your customers, residents, guests or patrons.

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